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Go Kosher… bespoke London Koshering service Go Kosher!

Go Kosher will tackle just about any of your koshering needs:   

No time? Moving? Snowboarding? Let us do it for you! From catering halls to private homes, from Pesach kitchens to newlywed apartments, we can handle it! Special Kiruv package. We do it all! Instructions available for group seminars and hands-on demonstrations available for Yeshivot and Talmud Torahs.

Below is a detailed break down of the services we offer:

We will Kosher the appliances, ovens, grills, outdoor grills, broilers, etc. for families that keep Kosher and are moving into a new home.

We endeavour with the help of the Al-mighty, to inform and instruct people who are contemplating going Kosher. We show them that keeping a Kosher home is easier than one might assume and that the whole family benefits physically and spiritually. The next step is to follow through with the actual koshering process. This can be done for an individual or a whole group.

Passover Koshering:

For residential and commercial kitchens, we Kosher many Synagogues for communal Seders as well as nursing home facilities.

What Can be Koshered...

Metal pots, most cutlery, some metal baking utensils, glass, metal frying pans, some kitchen knives, the stove-top, the oven, the broiler, the outdoor grill, certain dishwashers etc.